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The Eye is the Window to the Soul

The eye is the window to the soul. See the rugged nature as you look into the eye, mountains and rivers signify the obstacles we will go over and through to save a soul. 


The longest runway will rescue souls through the collaboration of humanity. It’s the biggest collaboration to happen between humanity for a greater purpose than just walking a runway to be seen for the sake of being seen. We will dominate the runway with energy so loud it will shake the atmosphere -victims of human trafficking will know we are coming to their rescue. 


Artist @haley_hughes12
Project produced by Rodeo Fame
Powered by humanity


About Us

Longest Runway

Longest Runway is a innovative and collaborative project produced by Rodeo Fame and  powered by humanity. Hosted on 7 beautiful ranches in 2021. 


Networking with talented artist, musicians, mainstream fashion, innovative minds and strong humans that have a story to tell. All talented and authentic humans coming together to create a one of a kind project to save humanity and STOP HUMAN trafficking. 


Longest Runway: imagine if a documentary married a posh magazine while producing the energy of
New York fashion week and 1,000 wild horses running wild? But with a purpose to STOP human trafficking. It’s real, it’s legit and it’s happening!

Honorary Co-Chairs Ty & Paige Murray

Ty & Paige head an all-star company of notable leaders, from every major western and rodeo organization, as we come together to raise awareness and bring an end to human trafficking.


3rd Annual Rodeo Fame's Legacy of the West Gala, December 8th.


"We have a daughter and can't imagine other little girls going through this. It just breaks our hearts, but the western world has a bigger heart and we can help." 

Paige Murray, wife of King of the Cowboys, Ty Murray


Longest Runway Pilot 

December 2nd, 2020

Hosted and filmed at the Murray's 

2,700 acre  Stephenville, Texas  Ranch.


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